exhibition "horizontal" decolife at X-ist Istanbul Turkey 2016

"Horizontal" 12 May - 11 Jun 2016
 DECOLIFE solo exhibition at x-ist in Istanbul-Turkey

The second solo exhibition of Andre' Ruiz de Freitas, the Brazilian street artist known with the nickname Decolife, at x-ist consists of his previously unseen paintings on which he has been working for three years. Having been continuously travelling and being nourished by meeting new artists during the three years since x-ist has hosted his first exhibition “Mind the Gap” after the gallery added street art to its mission of supporting young artists, Decolife appears before the art audience this time with his paintings.

This time giving weight to working with acrylic and brush in his recent works instead of graffiti and spray paint, Decolife states that painting is the best method for expressing himself since his childhood and he likes using different techniques. The artist, who has drawn attention with the performance that he carried out in the gallery in his previous exhibition, will paint one of the walls of x-ist with acrylic in his recent exhibition as well.

Using acrylic paint and brush in his recent works, which are influenced by the free spirit of a street artist or a homeless that he met while travelling and are each setting out from different stories, Decolife addresses his continuing relationship with painting since his childhood. Referring to this as revealing his inner world and emotional side, Decolife associates the title of his exhibition “Horizontal” with eternity. Being nourished from all cultures in which he lived and to which he travelled and reflecting in his works the events that have impressed him, Decolife states that one of the reasons why he gravitated towards painting in this period is that he finds people’s views on painting and different interpretations impressive and that he attaches importance to being influenced by some people or being part of the change by influencing them.


** Who is the Andre Ruiz de Freitas and is there any special story about your nickname of Decolife?
Andre is a person coming from a simple family from country side of Sao Paulo in Brazil, who since very your enjoyed traveling and discovering new places, going farther as getting older and staying longer on other places at some point arrived in Europe and decided to stay and call home.
Deco is my nickname since baby, I have no idea where it came from, but I signed my paintings for many years as Deco when teenager I was doing graffiti on streets of Sao Paulo, every weekend going out during the day and night, signing LIFE as an anonymous identity to me. The year 2010 the local police in Sao Paulo arrested me and I stayed one month “cleaning” the walls of the city, I needed to cover with gray paint some of the graffitis I had done, and many people saw that and realized that Deco the person who paint canvas is the same who is signing LIFE on graffiti, so after this moment I started signing DECOLIFE for both, canvas and graffiti, at that time didn't see reason to have anonymous identity anymore. And in the same year I went to an art gallery and found someone interested in showing my paintings for the very first time at an art gallery.

**After having your electrical study how did art open its own gates to you?
I always enjoyed spend most of the day drawing, my family kept my drawings since I was 5 years old, but they said even before I was spending hours with pen and paper, they liked it and incentivated me because I stayed at home, while outside on the streets was “dangerous”. Drawing and painting grow with me, change a lot in style, medium, sizes and subject just as my life changes, and always will be changing as a self-thought artist, developing my own methods.
The year 2003 at very young age I wanted to draw big on the walls, I wasn't satisfied only with small paintings, and with some friends we were doing many “big drawings” in a graffiti style on public walls and is when I discovered graffiti.
I sold my first painting at the age 15 in 2006, it was a landscape oil painted on canvas, a wooden house in front of many trees and a fence, beautiful sky and everything reflecting into a lake below framed and signed as Deco. At the age 16 I started electrical school and working part time as electrician, so I could buy my canvas and do buy spray from graffiti on streets, so painting is always first in my life, everything turn around painting.

**We have seen you at CI in 2014. And now you will appear with new solo exhibition. Do you have any Project in Istanbul?
**Is there any Wall or area in Istanbul that you would like to make your art on it?
In a short future I'll be painting a wall in Kadikoy, I've seen many nice street paintings there and it is growing, it is getting a world reference place for street artists, and surely I'd be happy to share some of mine there as well.
I don't plan the things very much, I enjoy letting it happen, and it is in this way that brought me here today and I enjoy very much, so I keep it like that. I renewing a contract with the gallery X-ist and more shows and very new paintings will be shown here.

**What would you like to tell us about your context of exhibition?
Everything I say will be less then what this exhibition really is, many memories, many countries I passed accumulating information and culture of these past years traveling, I'm sharing with the public histories and real people. Many different techniques and subjects, just as I live in.
The name “horizontal” is perhaps something I'll never reach, or just as I reach it I see another horizon and start moving again, so I believe just as many painters in the end of my life I'll be wishing to have more time to paint.

**What attract your attention to make your art on a Street Wall?
**How does it feel like to paint your art on a gallery rather than Street Wall as usual?
I do not like to limited myself doing only one type of art, or doing the same thing everyday. Where I paint is very important to my method of developing, because what is happening around me influence me and the painting westerly, on the streets I enjoy the infinite possibilities that can happen, and being expose to everything in front of a public wall in the same place a couple of hours it is an adventure, adrenaline because I don't know what is going to happen, many times I left the paint unfinished because something stopped me, and it is part of the history of that painting.
For a gallery wall is another thing, I can use the same technique but is a complete different painting in the end, is is a pleasure while doing, very intense as well, I see thousands of years that art history and humanity passed to be shown and do paintings like I do in a respected art place.
In the studio is also complete different thing, me alone facing myself all the time, from one side to the other in a room, exploring my memories, and thinking what I will say on the artworks that I'm doing to last forever.

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